Course Title:
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services

Course Website:
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This course is intended for those designing, creating, or delivering reports from an SQL 2008 database. Students learn to produce sophisticated, robust reports; extract business intelligence from raw data; extract report data using parameters and filters; deploy reports to a report server; secure the reporting services environment; and use interactive reports with drill-down and drill-through features. Topics include architecture, security, authoring reports, advanced reporting, report deployment, and reporting service administration. Enrollment limited; enrollment prior to the first class required.

Anyone developing a software system based on Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

Required Pre-Requesits:
A working knowledge of basic SQL
Knowledge of database concepts

Helpful Additional Pre-Requesits:
Some experience with any programming language such as Visual Basic, Java, C or C++
Some experience in a reporting environment will be helpful

50% lecture & demonstration, 50% lab
24 hours class time
3 days or 8 evenings

Course Materials:
Lab and lecture materials by David Henson
Outside 3rd party reading material will be reviewed and recommended during class