C# Programming II - Developing Applications for the web using ASP.NET

1/8/2015 - 2/21/2015

This class covers the fundamentals of the ASP.NET Webforms and ASP.NET MVC frameworks using C#.

In 6 sessions, C# Programming II will teach you to create web applications like the ones you use every day.

Lecture 4 - ADO.NET- 1/31/2015

In this lecture, we discussed acccessing databases with ADO.NET classes. A small database helper class named DBUtil was developed, and then a class was built that managed it's own database storage.

Lecture 3 - Controls and Data Binding - 1/24/2015

In this lecture, we discussed controls and data binding. Controls such as the repeater control were covered, and the ViewBag was used in an MVC application to accomplish similar tasks.

Lecture 2 - Controls - 1/17/2014

In this lecture we follow up with the basics and dive into controls.

Lecture 1 - ASP.Net Platform and WebForm Basics - 1/10/2015

In this lecture the basics of ASP.Net Webforms are introduced.

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Class Demos, Examples and Homework Answers

publicDay6.zip - The contents of the public folder at the end of day 6.


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