About Us
Certified Networks, Inc. is a California Corporation founded in May of 1997 by David Henson.

David Henson
Since starting the company, Dave Henson has been providing top quality networking, SQL and .Net development, and training for clients all over the United States. Lately he has focused on staying near home in the Santa Rosa Valley area of Southern California.

Dave has been teaching SQL, .Net and Windows administration and networking classes at UCLA Extension since the year 2000. You can see a list of classes at this link: https://www.uclaextension.edu/r/InstructorBio.aspx?instid=1282

DavesAvocados.com was founded in 2008 as a mostly organic agricultural experiment blending technology and the best food in the world.

ClassHatch.com is an experiment in code that writes code. C# .net orm (object relational mapping) code generation software for .net is published at this site, as well as a few libraries of production quality code that Dave uses's daily for project and websites.

SQLVideos.com is an all-too-ignored project recording training videos regarding Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL software.

Dave's miscellaneouse articles, writing, projects and interests appear at daves-projects.aspx

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